PV In a Nutshell

PV In a Nutshell

What is Solar PV

PV stands for photovoltaic. Photovoltaic is the process of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity. Solar PV is a sustainable energy source with more than 100 countries utilizing upon this.

Why use Solar PV Renewable Energy Systems

The benefits vary upon the customer. Some may wish to generate their own electric, some may want to achieve a return on their investment via a Feed-In-Tariff. The Feed-In-Tariffs are often preferred to Savings Bank Accounts. Many people use Solar PV Renewable Energy Systems to lower their carbon footprint.

Is my property/business suitable for Solar PV panels

Almost all properties have a roof that faces a suitable direction in order to obtain a good amount of sunlight. Solar panels do not only have to be placed on roofs; they can be placed on frames in a sufficient place in your garden or land. Of course Dragon's Breath are more than willing to analysis where your optimum positioning of panels could be.

When I buy the Solar PV panels more deve will there be a new, system out shortly after 

We have found that any break through in research in the renewable energy industry very rarely effects the level of outcome for business or personal Solar PV panel uses.

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