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Dragons Breath Solar energy store, offer the latest UK designed battery storage systems. These include solar powered street lights, battery storage kits for homes with existing on roof solar panels. This mobile shop window is ideal for renewable battery innovation projects for remote locations. Plus lot's of PV component parts for home energy and DIY idea's.

We offer Fixings kits and equipment parts for any panel size any roof style or ground mounting application. Solar thermal heating parts for servicing or repairs to existing solar hot water heating systems. PV Inverters, controls and batteries for any requirement. Solar PV system spare parts are available for new installations or repairs.

Click on pictures below to view product ranges and prices. These include solar energy powered street lights manufactured to order, solar panel deployment fixings. Energy systems batteries and associated solar parts. Thermal hot water system parts, and educational energy deployment systems.   Supply of remote solar applications for off-grid battery backup power supplies, educational energy deployment systems and bespoke lighting kits for street illumination or car parks.







We hope that your visit will help with any questions you may have. If you feel that your ENERGY project requires us to design FIXINGS or offer support, or maybe you need to ask questions regarding a new solar powered battery backup project idea. If you have a problem with the DEPLOYMENT of existing SYSTEMS. Remember we can provide technical assistance for new solar PV installations and remote application projects. We have educational equipment and science kits to help student learn about renewable technologies, such as wind, photovoltaic systems and thermal energy deployment. Plus those solar heating system parts required for maintenance of any thermal installation or deployment of new projects.

This website provides an understanding surrounding the importance of quality when selecting any Renewable Energy System. Motivated by a strong engineering background Dragon's Breath Solar is based in West Wales. Where we provide material resources designed to be at the forefront of Solar Power technology, Creative designs helping manufacturing techniques involved to cope with special purpose equipment. Providing support for some of the World's leading companies. We have the ability of sourcing the best product available if we are unable to produce them ourselves providing a winning combination. Our Moto, we believe 'quality in - quality out'. Remember there are many hidden dangers using alternative energy equipment, but if you follow the right path and use our help then all these issues can be solved. We want to offer a solution for you to get your projects motivated for change. From creating your own small scale DIY projects to lighting up car parks with our Solar Powered Street Lights. We will be happy to start your renewable lifestyle change, Read as many pages as you wish on our web site that are designed to help you understand, these should guide and supply you with everything you need to know. Remember we can provide technical assistance for new exciting remote battery application projects. Solar Street lighting manufacturers - Car park lights - PV Battery storage

please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Lighting, where you need it, when you need it. That is the solution designed by Dragon's Breath Solar.

Based at the Pembrokeshire Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembroke Dock, Dragon's Breath designs innovative solutions using the best available Renewable Energy components.

Helping others understanding the importance of quality. Our motto is quality in - quality out. Never compromise. Always use the very best to obtain optimum results.

Designing and manufacturing special purpose equipment parts for some of the World's leading companies. An ability to understand customer's requests in the Solar Industry has helped us provide many large organizations with products such as, In-Roof Solar Modules for new build housing, fixing systems for on-roof, ground mounted or flat surface solar installation projects up to 250kw. Distribution agreements makes our company a leader in quality materials. Our goal is to provide a service over and above your expectations leading to a streamlined operation.

We offer a large range of battery generation equipment for remote locations where mains power in not available due to localized conditions. These kits can provide energy to 12v, 24v and 48v battery banks. Ensuring power is always available to service the destination point. These parts can be purchased separately or as fully working kits. We now offer Solar Street Light products produced in Wales, for illumination of car parks, bridal paths, church yards, schools, sports Centre, cycling tracks and activity areas where we can offer a low cost alternative with zero maintenance costs, reduced light pollution with a very low carbon footprint (Co2). Let us quote your next project needs or requirements.

In 2014, Dragon's Breath energy deployment systems will be producing assembling and distributing solar/battery lighting systems. The benefits of solar lights are vast. Firstly, there is no cabling required or trenches to be dug and by using long life LED bulbs the system requires minimal maintenance. Once installed there are no electricity bills. The green benefits include zero carbon emissions and low light pollution. The system can include timers or motion sensors to turn the lights off as required.

Schools educational equipment supplies, enable us to provide early years training in renewable techniques. We offer Hydrogen fuel cell science kits for students to understand the viability of obtaining energy storage through other means. The Hydrogen fuel cell kits come with full instructions for the teachers to set out lessons and to achieve a degree of understanding.

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Is your solar system not performing to its full potential

You know you may need a repair when -

  • Your system is wavering from achievable targets of energy levels.
  • Your system is not working at all.
  • You fear that your system has the potential to harm yours and others health and safety.
  • The frame structure or roof that your panels have been attached to is degrading

There may be a number of reasons why your system is not performing. It could need a simple repair or sections of your system may need replacing. At Dragon's Breath we provide an honest service. We will be able to send out a specialist to evaluate the problem and to rectify it. We pride ourselves on our authentic, conscientious and trustworthy service. If its a simple change its a simple change. If its a large change its a large change.

We are here to help, not to disposes you of your hard earned cash.

There are many reasons why your system may be failing and the usual answer is because they have been poorly installed or the equipment used was of exceptional low quality. All we want to do is rectify the situation and to get you back up and running again.

Solar Panels usually have self cleaning glass. However, some panels that are located close to heavily dense areas of woodland or perhaps close to the salt air from the sea can be damaged or even affected from Solar shading. At no point should attempts to repair damage on the systems yourself. Videos posted online of DIY Solar repairs are not the way to approach the situation. Once you have tampered with your system you will most likely be breaking terms of contract within your insurance. It is a dangerous job and the outcomes can be catastrophic. If you feel your system has a problem, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and see how we can help.

There was a huge boom of 'new solar installers' that arrived on the scene a few years ago. They gave ill informed information and worked on Solar projects without real experience nor expertise. They will more than likely have dissolved their company and you will not be able to follow up any claims. They have tarred the industry with their insufficient workmanship and unfortunately have left many existing systems that are failing across the UK. Dragon's Breath are able to repair all brands of Solar systems and can provide like for like replacement materials if needed. Dragon's Breath have all the relevant qualifications, certifications and documents to be able to carry out all work necessary.

We will liaise with your insurance company, forward your claim and then most importantly get to work on making sure you receive optimum power again.

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Providing a complete range of spare parts to service or repair any type of solar hot water heating system. Click here for price: Click on this link for complete range

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