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Dragons Breath Solar energy deployment systems mobile shop window for renewable innovation projects and component battery storage idea's.

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Click on pictures below to view product ranges and prices. These include solar energy powered street lights, solar panel deployment fixings. Energy systems batteries and associated solar parts. Thermal hot water system parts, and educational energy deployment systems.   






Educational Energy Systems  EDUCATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEMS


We hope that your visit will help with any questions you may have. If you feel that your ENERGY project requires us to design FIXINGS or offer support, or maybe you need to ask questions regarding a new solar powered battery backup project idea. If you have a problem with the DEPLOYMENT of existing SYSTEMS. Remember we can provide technical assistance for new solar PV installations and remote application projects. We have educational equipment and science kits to help student learn about renewable technologies, such as wind, photovoltaic systems and thermal energy deployment. Plus those solar heating system parts required for maintenance of any thermal installation or deployment of new projects.

This website provides an understanding surrounding the importance of quality when selecting any Renewable Energy System. Motivated by a strong engineering background Dragon's Breath Solar is now based at the Bridge Innovation Centre in West Wales. Where we provide material resources designed to be at the forefront of Solar Power technology, Creative designs helping manufacturing techniques involved to cope with special purpose equipment. Providing support for some of the World's leading companies. We have the ability of sourcing the best product available if we are unable to produce them ourselves providing a winning combination. Our Moto, we believe 'quality in - quality out'. Remember there are many hidden dangers using alternative energy equipment, but if you follow the right path and use our help then all these issues can be solved. We want to offer a solution for you to get your projects motivated for change. From creating your own small scale DIY projects to lighting up car parks with our Solar Powered Street Lights. We will be happy to start your renewable lifestyle change, Read as many pages as you wish on our web site that are designed to help you understand, these should guide and supply you with everything you need to know. Remember we can provide technical assistance for new exciting remote battery application projects. 

please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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In December and February, 2013/14,  we saw Britain plagued with flooding. People were stranded away from their families not able to get home for Christmas, electric was cut off for days and businesses ruined. The warmer our atmosphere gets from Global Warming the more rain we will have.

Global Warming is caused by certain gases blocking heat from escaping the Earth's atmosphere hence why it is called the Greenhouse Effect. These gases include Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. It is apparent that over the past 250 years, we, as human beings have had a detrimental effect on this. From large factories emitting pollution into the atmosphere to using our cars in our daily commute, we all, at some point, have contributed to Climate Change. However, we need to use cars to get to work and these large factories are what make the economy stronger and what builds us the things we need to survive.

Is there a way that we can change a part of our lifestyle in order to slow things down.

Using Renewable Energy Systems can help in 2 ways. The first being that we will be helping save our planet. We will rely less on burning oil reserves and will be utilizing a clean and efficient way of making energy. If the Government's predictions of the amount of households and land-owners using Renewable Energy systems in the near future are correct then we will be slowing Climate Change down an incredible amount.

We must all act a little bit more 'green'.

The second factor is very attractive to a home-owner who may have already lost energy due to flooding or power lines being destroyed. With an Off-Grid Renewable Energy System it will allow you to store your Solar Power into a battery pack and use that. Perfect for everyday use and for emergencies. You do not have to rely on the electric grid for power. A back up plan to be admired.

Lighting, where you need it, when you need it. That is the solution designed by Dragon's Breath Solar.

Based at the Pembrokeshire Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembroke Dock, Dragon's Breath designs innovative solutions using the best available Renewable Energy components.

Helping others understanding the importance of quality. Our motto is quality in - quality out. Never compromise. Always use the very best to obtain optimum results.

Designing and manufacturing special purpose equipment parts for some of the World's leading companies. An ability to understand customer's requests in the Solar Industry has helped us provide many large organizations with products such as, In-Roof Solar Modules for new build housing, fixing systems for on-roof, ground mounted or flat surface solar installation projects up to 250kw. Distribution agreements makes our company a leader in quality materials. Our goal is to provide a service over and above your expectations leading to a streamlined operation.

We offer a large range of battery generation equipment for remote locations where mains power in not available due to localized conditions. These kits can provide energy to 12v, 24v and 48v battery banks. Ensuring power is always available to service the destination point. These parts can be purchased separately or as fully working kits. We now offer Solar Street Light products produced in Wales, for illumination of car parks, bridal paths, church yards, schools, sports Centre, cycling tracks and activity areas where we can offer a low cost alternative with zero maintenance costs, reduced light pollution with a very low carbon footprint (Co2). Let us quote your next project needs or requirements.

In 2014, Dragon's Breath will be producing assembling and distributing solar/battery lighting systems. The benefits of solar lights are vast. Firstly, there is no cabling required or trenches to be dug and by using long life LED bulbs the system requires minimal maintenance. Once installed there are no electricity bills. The green benefits include zero carbon emissions and low light pollution. The system can include timers or motion sensors to turn the lights off as required.

Schools educational equipment supplies, enable us to provide early years training in renewable techniques. We offer Hydrogen fuel cell science kits for students to understand the viability of obtaining energy storage through other means. The Hydrogen fuel cell kits come with full instructions for the teachers to set out lessons and to achieve a degree of understanding.

Where can they be used

Solar Street Lights can be used in a number of places. Usually, customers who buy our Solar Street Lights will use them in car parks, walkways, gated areas, bridle paths, cycle tracks, sports centers or a drop-off point.

It appears that these areas are the most beneficial to be illuminated using this low energy method.

Solar powered lights can be configured to operate from dusk until dawn using our specialized electronic control systems. Other options include when motion is detected or be set to switch on and off at certain times. 

Dragon’s Breath solar lights are self-contained unit with all the necessary technology to generate and store the electricity to power the lighting system. Our expertise will ensure that each light is manufactured to meet the demands of the area to be illuminated. This will take into account the following and determine the number of units and the spacing required:

  1. The area of coverage required (size)
  2. The amount of light required (brightness)
  3. For how long the area needs to be illuminated
  4. The latitude of the area to be lit (i.e. hours of available daylight during the year to generate power)
  5. The height of the lamp pole(s)


The installed lights will then cost nothing to operate, they will return minimal maintenance and require no digging of trenches to connect it to a power source. In addition the light will have a zero carbon footprint as no carbon dioxide will be produced generating the electricity to power the light..

The benefits of using our Solar Street Lights -

  • Provide up to 12 hours of light daily depending on location.
  • Easy to install.
  • No digging required to lay cables.
  • Low cost of ownership (no electricity bills with our 50,000 hour, 10 year maintenance free LED bulbs)
  • up to 5 Years guarantee.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Low temperatures.
  • Zero carbon emissions.
  • No light pollution.
  • Sensor activated if required at 10m circumference.

Sensor operated lights will stay on for 90 seconds then are able to go to half power mode until re-activated by persons approaching cars or large animals..
High performance materials used make it suitable for any weather conditions. Our Solar Street Lights meet with the current, relevant standards.

All versions of our Solar Powered Lighting Systems are available to purchase using this link

Solar Street lighting Information link: Click here to download

For further details regarding the Dragons Breath street lighting systems. We offer a bespoke system designed to work all night around if required.Check this link out for more information 

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