Cost Effectiveness Vs Cost

Buying low cost materials for your project or looking for the cheapest option possible is buying into a false economy. For instance; if you buy the cheapest Solar Panels on the market you will get the worst results and output. If you buy the higher grade of quality panel you will get a lot better results, more energy from our gloomier British days and in turn, you will get more money. It really is as simple as that. Lower grade quality Solar Panels decrease in efficiency rapidly between 5-10 years, whereas the higher grade of quality Solar Panel will last for 20+ years performing at a consistently high rate of efficiency.

A Solar Panel fitter does not care for the level of quality panel he is fitting and will most likely not know. Their aim is to fit the appliance and to get paid. At Dragon's Breath we offer a solution. We source the highest grade equipment possible in order for the end user to gain the most they can.

Do not base your Renewable Energy Project on cost alone. 'Quality in - Quality out'

Solar Panels are based on size, quality of material, brand, longevity and such certifications the panel will possess. Taking this all into account it is not beneficial to simply pick the cheapest option. The Solar Panel should be chosen on the following factors. What size panel is needed for your given project? Will a lower grade of quality panel last as long as you want? Will the panel you have chosen give the full performance required to see return on your investment? Do the manufacturer offer a solid guarantee? Do the Solar Panels you have chosen match the necessary certifications deemed by the Government's 'Feed-In-Tariff'?

Dragon's Breath will always source Tier 1 level of quality. Tier 1 quality goods are in the top 5% of all manufactured panels in the world. It is the most efficient tier and shows the greatest of returns to their customers. The said manufacturer will take control of every stage when making their Solar Panels and reinvest millions into research and development. They use robotic processes of manufacturing and have been building the highest level of panels for over 5 years minimum. Only the highest of quality materials will be used when they are constructing their panels. The higher the grade of silicon used, the longer it will last, the more efficient it will be and therefore the greater the performance. The lower two tiers are the 95% of the remaining market. These companies invest very little if not anything into research and development and often manufacture their own material. Human production lines decrease quality of soldering work of cells as the expertise and ability of each given worker will vary greatly. These companies are often very new and have been in production for between 2-5 years.

The lower the price the lower the quality. All Solar Panels come with a 'nameplate'. The lower grade of panels may read as 230w, but may only be functioning at 215w and therefore losing 15w of power. Hence, buying a Solar Panel for cheap is therefore false economy.

Your Solar Panel Shopping Checklist -

1. Who is the company that manufacturer the solar panel? Are they reputable?
2. Check to see what materials are being used and how they are manufactured.
3. Gage how well the Solar Panels will work once being used. Will they be efficient and can they promise returns on your investment?
4. Compare the levels of guarantee with other companies in order to estimate a level of quality.

Dragon's Breath can promise quality on all avenues

Our guarantee -

  • 10 years with 100% product warranty
  • 12 years 90% rated power output
  • 25 years 82% rated power output

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