DIY Solar Energy Kits

DIY Solar Energy Kits

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Off the grid solar kits

230Vac off-grid connection kits designed to create a free energy source from solar panels using renewable energy technologies. Kits are compact with all equipment enclosed within cabinet. We offer this, off the grid solar energy kits for remote locations, where mains power is not viable. small 1-10kw nominal off the grid 2-3-4-6-12-18 full sized panel kits, depending on your available space. That can be plugged into your mobile home, cabin, or remote location to reduce energy costs associated with running diesel generators.

All necessary products required to complete the installations service.

Small 1kw nominal off the grid 2 full sized PV panel kits c/w 4kw AGM deep cycles battery:
Medium 2kw nominal off the grid 4 full sized PV panel kits c/w 6kw super cycle battery
Large 6kw off the grid 18 full sized panel kits c/w 10kw lithium battery system

Pre assembled 24V ready to use using off-grid solar battery storage kits through this link

These kits can be fitted to sheds, homes, roofs, or ground mounted.

1kw and 2kw Kits include basic rafter fixings. Larger kits do not include fixing kit, as these may be bespoke to your requirements. We offer lots of alternative solar panel fixing methods to match individual circumstances. Contact us, as these fixings will be dependent on the location. These solar battery off grid storage kits are designed for remote locations, they are complete assembled kits.

Ideal for any remote location home, away from traditional grid power. All kits should be connected by a suitably qualified electrical engineer, to check continuity before commissioning stage.

Kits can be placed onto flat roof surfaces, ground mounted, of garage roofs.

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This range of kits have been developed to help save electricity costs for the future.

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