The Future

The Future

The Future

In December and February, 2013/14,  we saw Britain plagued with flooding. People were stranded away from their families not able to get home for Christmas, electric was cut off for days and businesses ruined. The warmer our atmosphere gets from Global Warming the more rain we will have.

Global Warming is caused by certain gases blocking heat from escaping the Earth's atmosphere hence why it is called the Greenhouse Effect. These gases include Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. It is apparent that over the past 250 years, we, as human beings have had a detrimental effect on this. From large factories emitting pollution into the atmosphere to using our cars in our daily commute, we all, at some point, have contributed to Climate Change. However, we need to use cars to get to work and these large factories are what make the economy stronger and what builds us the things we need to survive.

So is there a way that we can change a part of our lifestyle in order to slow things down

Using Renewable Energy Systems can help in 2 ways. The first being that we will be helping save our planet. We will rely less on burning oil reserves and will be utilizing a clean and efficient way of making energy. If the Government's predictions of the amount of households and land-owners using Renewable Energy systems in the near future are correct then we will be slowing Climate Change down an incredible amount.

We must all act a little bit more 'green'.

The second factor is very attractive to a home-owner who may have already lost energy due to flooding or power lines being destroyed. With an Off-Grid Renewable Energy System it will allow you to store your Solar Power into a battery pack and use that. Perfect for everyday use and for emergencies. You do not have to rely on the electric grid for power. A back up plan to be admired.

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