Technology behind solar street lights

Technology behind solar street lights

We often get asked how solar street lights work, and why they are different from normal light unit. So today, we’re going to tell you.

Unlike traditional street lighting – which utilise electricity from the grid, solar street lights absorb energy from the sun and use that to power their bulbs. They do this using photovoltaic cells, which absorb solar energy during the daytime. The cells then convert the energy into electrical power, which is stored in a central battery bank. When it gets dark the lighting management system turns lighting on, it runs from the power stored in the battery. Then when the sun rises again the light switches back to charging mode. This way the photovoltaic cells start recharging the battery, repeating the cycle by working in this way, street lights are essentially eternally self-sustaining.

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Beyond that, we use a high performance LED chip set, (this is the bulb part that is used to provide variations in colour (K) and lux brightness lw/m helping our solar street lamps to improve lighting efficiency and tailor equipment to match individual requirements. Providing the technology behind solar street lights for Illuminating car parks and areas without power.

At Dragons Breath Solar, we specialise in providing solar street lighting to councils across the UK. For more information, just get in touch with us today.


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