Special Solar Projects

If you browse the links in this section, it will provide an informative selection of products available through our company.

These include DIY Solar energy products for low voltage battery charging projects in 12 & 24v.

Larger full scale projects from 50kw up to 1mw in size as required for farms communities and special needs.

Solar powered street lighting services that encompass a highly sought after product, that provides dusk till dawn lighting to areas around the World.

Do you work for a school where Renewable Energy is not being used. Are the benefits not getting exploited. Can you learn about the future technologies to save energy on our planet. Perhaps you have a remote location where mains power is not available due to localized conditions.

We can offer a solution for all of your needs. With the ever increasing cost of electric and oil heating our homes or business we must now realize that Renewable Energy is the way forward. In 2012, the UK Government have stated "that within the next 8 years that 4 million homes will be powered by the sun".

Dragon's Breath ensure an instant solution to lighten our future's energy needs.

Solar house Solar street lighting
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