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Solar Street Lights can be used in a number of places. Usually, customers who buy our Solar Street Lights will use them in car parks, walkways, gated areas, bridle paths, cycle tracks, sports centers or a drop-off point.

solar powered lighting systems  

Dragons Breath Solar powered walkway and car park lighting systems

Designed and assembled using high performance LED’s. These solar lights can be used across the UK

Our lighting systems are designed to illuminate areas which are either un-adopted or not cost effective to trench mains powered cable connections.

Sometimes because of vermin the cables underground are damaged and therefore have to be decommissioned. When faced with those circumstances, we can provide retro fit luminaries as a solution. These sit on existing lighting columns so that those situations can be resolved without digging up roads and paths.

Our products are matched to the vernacular need or specification. If required we can provide guidance to the most effective methods of storage using solar power.

These cover the areas that are most beneficial to be illuminated using this low energy solar powered method.

The lights can be configured to operate from dusk until dawn using our specialized electronic control systems. Options include motion detected or can be set to switch on and off during specific times. 

Dragon’s Breath solar lights are self-contained units with all the necessary technology engaged to generate and store power for the lighting system. Our expertise will ensure that each light is manufactured to meet the demands of the area to be illuminated. This will take into account the following and determine the number of units and the spacing required:

  1. The area of coverage required (size)
  2. The amount of light required (brightness)
  3. For how long the area needs to be illuminated
  4. The latitude of the area to be lit (i.e. hours of available daylight during the year to generate power)
  5. The height of the lamp pole(s)

The installed lights will then cost nothing to operate, they will return minimal maintenance and require no digging of trenches to connect it to a power source. In addition the light will have a zero carbon footprint as no carbon dioxide will be produced generating the electricity to power the light..

The benefits of using our Solar Street Lights -

  • Can provide up to 12 hours of light daily depending on location.
  • Easy to install.
  • No digging required to lay cables.
  • Low cost of ownership (no electricity bills with our 50,000 hour, 10 year maintenance free LED bulbs)
  • up to 5 Years warranty.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Low temperatures.
  • Zero carbon emissions.
  • No light pollution.
  • Sensor activated if required at 10m circumference.

Sensor operated lights will stay on for 90 seconds then are able to go to half power mode until re-activated by persons approaching cars or large animals..
High performance materials used make it suitable for any weather conditions. Our Solar Street Lights meet with the current, relevant standards.

All versions of our Solar Powered Lighting Systems are available to purchase using this link

Solar Street lighting Information link: Click here to download

For further details regarding the Dragons Breath street lighting systems. We offer a bespoke system designed to work all night around if required.: Check this link out for more information 

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