Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Call for Price

Farmers beware. Farmers will well and truly know about the drop in their income as commodity prices rocketed down. In order to create a secure investment Farmers are realizing that their large areas of unused land and out-buildings could be utilized with Renewable Energy systems. They will save on energy costs to power the farm and will also benefit from the Government's 'feed-in-tariff' on all energy they make. With a high yield of return per year, not including the generous savings on electricity bills, investing in Solar Power is more alluring than a bank account and more protected than shoveling your well earned money into the stock market.

If you or your company own land, however big or small, then Dragon's Breath can project manage to fit large varieties of Solar Panel equipment, roof or ground mounted generating electricity. You can even let your sheep graze underneath it.

Let us design your project.

Throughout our time trading as Dragon's Breath we have come to realize our vast amount of experience. We have 30+ years within the Solar and Engineering industry and have gained beneficial knowledge. We work as consultants to design, project and manage any Solar Powered venture.

Our company have been involved in project managing installations to achieve maximum yields for our customers. Our managed projects now range between 50kw and 650kw sizes. The customer's large capital return on all these investments are due to a high level of quality equipment that we provide. 'Quality in - Quality out'. We offer quality driven products and materials guaranteed to earn high returns.


Farmers and Land-Owners are starting to realize the true benefits of fitting large scale Solar Systems. It is apparent that too much rain is ruining the Farming industry but too little rain is also having an adverse effect. Farmers are quickly realizing how to make a serious return on virtually a maintenance free system.

But what if its raining, surely that means that there will be no sunlight to use for the solar panel?

Solar panels work from the light, not the heat of sunlight. On days where the sky may be grey quality solar panels are still working hard. Of course, the sunnier it is the more light that can be utilized. Our higher tier level of quality Solar Panels work in all conditions during daylight. Lower quality panels will not be as efficient with yields well below life time expectancies. Large scale Solar projects and equipment are maintenance free only when you use what is called 'Tier 1' level of Solar panels. Solar panels work on a tiered system of quality; If you want the biggest returns there is only one option.

High performance components are vital. Try to imagine building a sports car engine into a small car. First the components wouldn't fit. Secondly, using a high powered, high quality engine would mean that all the other vehicle parts would fail. You would need a new clutch, a new gear box etc in order to achieve the high end results that a sports car would give. This example is very close to that of the Solar Panel equipment. If you buy cheap you will not achieve the best results possible. People who look for the cheapest option get the lowest results. Be shrewd and think of the long-term investment.

Our planet is ever-changing at a rapid rate. People are realizing that there is an alternative source of energy. You can help make money from doing so. Its a win-win situation.

Our motto is 'Quality in - Quality out'. Over a long period of time the true quality of our products really shows and prevails over the cheap Solar Panels and poor solar equipment. Our Solar Panels are sourced from the most reputable companies in this industry and are here to last, perform and to ultimately be the best. Evidently by using low quality solar equipment your independent electricity generation station could be returning a fraction of the monetary dividends a well engineered system could potentially develop.

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