Solar energy panels

Solar energy panels


60w & 175w off-grid solar panels ideal for any charging small 12v or 24v requirements.

Ideal for any remote location where battery charging is essential. For recriational, boat, carravan allotment and off the grid uses. These off-grid solar panels are ideal for PWM or MPPT controllers

Small off-grid panel

Description Price
60Wp Off-grid solar panel  £50.65
90Wp Off-grid solar panel  £77.17
115Wp Off-grid solar panel £87.44
175Wp Off-grid solar panel  £119.95


Small panel fixingClick for small off-grid solar panel fixing prices

Off-grid solar panel fixings to suit many different sized off-grid panels. Clips to hold panels down onto a flat surface.


Solar panelsClick for full size solar panel prices


Solar panel cablesClick for off-grid solar panel cables

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Solar cables to suit many different sized off-grid applications, we can make these to match your needs. With or without MC4 end connections.

Solar batteryClick for off-grid solar panel batteries

A full range of deep cycle solar energy batteries for energy storage

Solar house Solar street lighting
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