Signs of Quality

Signs of Quality

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Signs of Good Quality -

  • A company that offers a warranty/guarantee proves that they are confident in their product.
  • A company that states their product produces a higher level of extended efficiency. This usually sets them apart from the lower end of Solar Panel manufacturers BUT be aware of companies that cannot prove this with quantitative proof.
  • A company that has been established for longer than 5 years and can show you results shows that the company are there to stay.
  • A company that has a wealth of knowledge. BUT be aware of companies that say they know it all when in actually fact they are just using an array of buzz words.
  • A Solar Panel that has strength and support provides rigidness and a reduced risk of broken cells and micro-cracks

Signs of Poor Quality Solar Panels -

  • Scratches on the panel itself can be found on lower quality panels and panels from a 3rd party handler. Scratches can be caused by poor manufacturing of the unit, poor packaging or from the installer poor handling of the product. It will reduce the output depending on the size and depth of the scratch.
  • Broken cells on the panel which is caused by poor soldering. This will reduce the output of the panel dramatically and will only be as efficient as the weakest cell.
  • Micro-cracks are another manufactures fault whilst at the soldering stage. This lowers the life expectancy of the panel

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