Retro solar lighting

Retro solar lighting

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Retro street

This DBS161 product provides light to existing or redundant columns. The retro solar street lighting system offer illumination through battery storage to areas without mains powered supplies.


Retro solar street light system  

This product is available in the following output values:

  • 810Lm (LED output)
  • 1080Lm (LED output)
  • 1350Lm (LED output)
  • 1620Lm (LED output)

Below please find an example of the correct Installation procedure. Note solar panel must point panel towards the suns horizonCorrect way to install one piece solar lighting system

Our retro light units use: 25w, 45w, 70w & 100w panels to generate energy. A solar panel produces electrical power when the available sun light at location can shine adequately onto the solar panel surface.

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