We are here to help you lower your carbon footprint, create your own energy and to earn money off your investment. We give clear, accurate and current advise on what is best for you, your budget and your desired outcomes.

How much does advice cost and what is it worth

It is hard to put a value on knowledge, but lets look at it from another angle. If you take Dragon's Breath advice derived from our past 30+ years of experience, then you are in the driving seat of seeing large returns from your initial investment. We can segregate problems within circuits but also know quite a few industry secrets and the 'do and do nots' of the Renewable industry.

The outcome of using an industry specific consultant is that clients have access to deeper levels of expertise. Dragon's Breath will and has consulted for Governments, Communities, Architects, businesses, developers, Farm-owners and Home-owners. We have all the relevant qualifications and certifications as well as knowledge that spans throughout all Renewable Energy technologies. We have been involved in all sized projects, the largest being 650MW or in Layman's terms 2600 Solar Panels, each individual panel being 1.7m by 1m wide. No project is too big or too small.

Beware of the 'free consultants'

Someone who gives you a quote on a job is not a consultant. They are not giving you any solid advice, they are there just to make a sale. They will entice you with their cheap offers of Solar equipment and act as if they are a consultant. They are sales people, not consultants. We offer a consultancy service Centre around our knowledge, past experience and research. We don't take this consultancy business lightly. We ensure our customers are left happy, informed and excited to progress with their Renewable Energy project.

50% Cash Back Scheme

If you subsequently contract with our company to deliver the procurement, installation and commissioning phases of your project, 50% of the net consultancy service fee will be returned at completion of the project.

Make Dragon's Breath Strategic/Development/Engineering your consultancy services.

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