Plaza Precinct solar light

Plaza Precinct solar light

30w Solar plaza precinct lighting is designed for walkways, gardens, public areas, parking bays and many other positions where LED Solar lighting is required.

Using a mono silicon high efficiency solar panel/s

Battery type: Deep cycle rechargeable

LED: 2400 lumens

Colour temperature 4500 K

Charging time: full power in 9-10 hours

Colour: Black or off-white/grey

Lighting mode: full power when photo cell is activated then 50% dimming value.

Battery power:3 days autonomy on full charge

Material specification: Aluminium alloy & tempered glass

Installation height: 4m

IP rating: IP65

Working temperature: -20 c - 55 c

A self managing solar lighting system which is supported on top of a 4m high elegant column and shines a soft white light in a 360 degree circumference, offering a full luminaries power of 30w. This is illuminated by motion sensors that can detect pedestrians or bicycles.
Colour temperature: 4500k
Luminous flux: 2400lm
Minimum CRI: 70
Systems colours are available in White/Grey or all black.
Electrical insulation class: 111(SELV)
Weight: 20kg
Resistant: IP65

Warrantee: 5 Years

Equipment included in kit excludes and column or post. This can be ordered separately at this link. 


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