Home storage kits

Home storage kits

When considering one of our home battery storage kits, you are provided with a solution for your new or existing solar panel setup, look no further as we offer a range of kits to neatly engage with any grid connected solar installations.

We provide these home battery storage kits to match several different sized systems. As solar panels can be placed upon and surface, be that roof mounted, ground or flat surface in any orientation.

Storage kit sizes are determined by the size of array multiplied by the use of stored energy. We endeavor to advise which systems are suited to match our customers requirements.

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We can provide the complete solar to battery system, create your own system complete ready to install. Including high performance solar panels and fixing kit to match any project roof or ground mounted PV panel installation.

Home battery storage installation kit

Domestic home grid battery storage installation systems can be added to existing solar panel installations.

3.6kw Sunsynk hybrid solar inverter will accept up to 7,000w of PV power, this can then connect to one or two storage batteries. The kits will include absolutely everything needed to complete any solar panel installation. Panels, solar fixing kit, cable set, mc4 male & female connectors roof slate, fuses, switches AC & DC, 3.6kw hybrid inverter, lithium battery pack, battery cables, safety labels.

Complete 16A grid tied hybrid battery storage home power installation kits

Home grid battery storage

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