Solar Batteries

There are many important components in the Renewable Energy System. People in general only see the Solar Panels and assume that is all they need.

Batteries are an extremely important part of the Renewable Energy circuit. They are the petrol in your car or the defender in your football team. Without it, the system is useless. The battery stores the energy from the Solar Panel and then can be used through an Inverter to create AC current for your home.

To ensure all power is stored and can be delivered efficiently it is of paramount importance that you use a good quality battery. At Dragon's Breath we understand what happens when the wrong size battery, wrong type of battery or lack of quality battery is used. The batteries that we supply are deep-cycle, reliable, well known and come with a manufacturer's warranty. A low grade of battery can be extremely dangerous, so please seek our professional advice and we can advise you accordingly.

Ideally for a Renewable Energy System the batteries used must have a deep-cycle. A deep-cycle is where a battery will use between 50-80% of its capacity and can be recharged over and over again many times. At Dragon's Breath we only supply high quality batteries. We have a large range of battery sizes power for any project you commence with. As Solar Power specialists, with a vast array of experience and knowledge, Dragon's Breath will be able to size up your output requirements and design a system with the battery size accordingly.

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