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Lighting, where you need it, when you need it. That is the solution designed by Dragon's Breath Solar.

Based at the Pembrokeshire Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembroke Dock, Dragon's Breath designs innovative solutions using the best available Renewable Energy components.

Helping others understanding the importance of quality. Our motto is quality in - quality out. Never compromise. Always use the very best to obtain optimum results.

Designing and manufacturing special purpose equipment parts for some of the World's leading companies. An ability to understand customer's requests in the Solar Industry has helped us provide many large organizations with products such as, In-Roof Solar Modules for new build housing, fixing systems for on-roof, ground mounted or flat surface solar installation projects up to 250kw. Distribution agreements makes our company a leader in quality materials. Our goal is to provide a service over and above your expectations leading to a streamlined operation.

We offer a large range of battery generation equipment for remote locations where mains power in not available due to localized conditions. These kits can provide energy to 12v, 24v and 48v battery banks. Ensuring power is always available to service the destination point. These parts can be purchased separately or as fully working kits. We now offer Solar Street Light products produced in Wales, for illumination of car parks, bridal paths, church yards, schools, sports Centre, cycling tracks and activity areas where we can offer a low cost alternative with zero maintenance costs, reduced light pollution with a very low carbon footprint (Co2). Let us quote your next project needs or requirements.

In 2014, Dragon's Breath energy deployment systems will be producing assembling and distributing solar/battery lighting systems. The benefits of solar lights are vast. Firstly, there is no cabling required or trenches to be dug and by using long life LED bulbs the system requires minimal maintenance. Once installed there are no electricity bills. The green benefits include zero carbon emissions and low light pollution. The system can include timers or motion sensors to turn the lights off as required.

Schools educational equipment supplies, enable us to provide early years training in renewable techniques. We offer Hydrogen fuel cell science kits for students to understand the viability of obtaining energy storage through other means. The Hydrogen fuel cell kits come with full instructions for the teachers to set out lessons and to achieve a degree of understanding.

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