Making a change can be very daunting. Deciding to start a project of having a Renewable Energy System can appear to be a mammoth decision. You must always remember that you are not alone as we are here to help you and to move forward with you. You will be guided and informed to the highest standard and will be provided with solutions and training. Dragon's Breath can act as your educator, guidance specialist or just a provider of information.

Get motivated to -

  • Lower your carbon footprint - just one solar PV system can save over a tonne of carbon dioxide a year.
  • Cut your electricity bill - the sun does not cost us anything.
  • Get paid while saving - the Government's 'Feed-In-Tariffs' pay you for electricity that you generate even if you use this electric you still will be paid for it.
  • Increase the value of your home or business.

4 reasons why renewable energy really pays off.

Solar house Solar street lighting
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